suffer__me (suffer__me) wrote in pretty_strange,

I was just feeling kinda interested.

I love quotes.

I have a book I write only quotes in. (mostly oscar wilde, buffy and james dean quotes, but stilll quotes)

I was wondering what everyone's favourite quote was, either at all or at the moment.

Oscar Wilde: a true friend stabs you in the back
james dean: i don't want to just be the best i want to grow so tall that nobody can reach me, not to prove anything but just to go where you ought to go when you devote your whole life and all that you are to one thing.
anya: rules are stupid
random one off the bathroom wall that i want to make a shirt with: COOKIES AND ANARCHY

so i was just wondering what everyone elses were, coz i just care about you all so much.




ps. sorry about any punctuation or lack of captials, im using a international keyboard for a change and its pissing the shit out of me.

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