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Name: Juliette. Or Oolie. Whichever you prefer.

How old are you: Nineteen.

Gender: I am woah-man.

Where the hell are you from: I'm from Alaska, but I currently reside in Las Vegas.

Other than being strange describe yourself: I always feel like I'm putting out a personal ad answering these things. Let's see, I'm indescisive, too curious for my own good and my mind rules over all, which can sometimes be hell when I'm trying to make a logical decision about something.
What do you think other people think about you (be honest): If I were someone else looking at me, I'd think I was reserved at first. Someone who holds everything in until the right moment to blow up at everyone. But I'm not really like that. I mean, I may act like it but I write things down to avoid spontanious combustion around strangers.

Where did you find us? Some rating community. (Eh, sorry I don't know the name)

Give us an intrest to put in the info if you are accepted: Urban bathtubbing. For those of you who don't know, it's when you ride in a metal bathtub attatched to a truck that's spinning shitties around and around until a) the bathtub tips over and you fall out or b) you get so dizzy you can't help but spew everywhere. Fun times, really.


Color: I like the color yellow. I think it's because of the way it's said in Spanish - amarillo!

Band/singer: I'd have to say Tool. Nothing beats Adam Jones & Maynard.

Movie: The Butterfly Effect. I loved the story line, it was different from anything I've ever seen before.

Person in the whole world (explain cause chances are we dont know them): Emma. I've never actually met her, per say, but we talk on the phone and write a lot. She's cool because she accepts me for who I am, unlike most of my other friends. She listens to me when I bitch and actually remembers things I tell her. Plus we have the same sense of humor. (Go here for an example)

~THE (hopefully) ODD ~

What makes you strange: When I was three I had bi-focals and horrible vision and now I'm nineteen with no need to wear glasses at all, without any surgery. (JUST RAW CARROTS - I swear, it works) I can also make my nose squeak when I hit it and I have the ability to cross one eye only. (See photograph below) I'm quite a circus freak.

Tell us a funny story: It's really kind of gross, I'm warning you ahead of time. But here goes: I was at work a few years back and on my fifteen minute break. This guy I liked took a break with me and we went out to my car and were listening to music when he starts tickeling me. One thing leads to another and then he's grabbing my chest and then he starts to go down my pants. Everything was all okay until he got this horrid, digusted look on his face and wipes blood off his finger onto my stomach and then starts yelling at me, "Why didn't you tell me you started your period? You bitch!" And then left and told everyone at work what had happened. I didn't know, obviously. Do you think I would have put myself through that if I had? Needless to say, nothing ever elevated with that relationship.

How do you like your jello: Green. (Although, really, I like it lodged halfway across the room)

Tell us what your pet rocks name is (if you dont have one then tell us the name of your other pet *you rock hater*): Rocky. Ha, creative eh? No, I used to have a pet rock station set up when I was like tweleve and I made quite a bit of money. I think people felt sorry for me and I think they were in it mainly for the free cookies I had in the deal if you bought the rocks. I make a mean batch of choco-chip!

Make us laugh yo:


If you had to spend a week in Alaska what would be the first thing you would do: WELL. Considering I lived in Alaska for eighteen years, I'd have to say I would gather up all my friends that were left remaining there, buy a huge bag of chronic, buy a rally car for $40 and rally the living piss out of it until it dies back in the trails. I don't know why I ever moved here to Hell. Alaska's way cool.

If you were told you were way too normal what would you do: I'd laugh and make them give me some of what they were smoking because you've got to be high to say something like that. Especially if you know me.

If you were given a grapefruit.... :p what would you do: If I were a grapefruit, hmm. If I could, I'd fuck with whoever bought me by rolling myself different places. Heh. Not much a grapefruit can do, y'know. I might eat myself.

...given a million bucks homie: I'd buy EVERY CD I ever wanted, I'd buy at least three rally cars, some property in Alaska, a small house to reside in and a lot of chronic. ;)


what ever you wanna say ..

01. I have the ability to cross only one eye.
02. I've never had chicken pox.
03. I hate my job.
04. It would suck without music.
05. I like cold pizza better than warm pizza.
06. I can play guitar. (Sort of, heh)
07. I have been to a Tool concert.
08. I like to get stoned.
09. I like learning random facts such as A PIGS ORGASM LASTS 30 MINUTES ;)
10. I have to write things down in order to function right.
11. My favorite number is three.
12. I go crazy without variety.
13. My mind is my worst enemy & my best friend.


post atleast ONE picture of YOU. you can post more of you doing strange odd things.

Oh how flattering. Caught in a laugh.

I told you I could cross only one eye. I think I was born half-retarded.
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Lj cut please :) :) and well if you dont then i have like ban you :( so if you do that you have a yes from me.:)
I meant to do it the first time around but forgot. My bad. ;)
thank you for fixing it and as i said i give you a yes.
What part of AK are ye from? I lived ther for 3 years. Good times <3

and I like you, except the getting high thing. I HATE drugs with a passion. but hey, not everyone's the same. thankfully.

You get a yes from me.

The End.
Palmer. Small town but I love it. Where did you live?

Yeah, I wasn't sure if people would like the getting high thing, but I shouldn't try and hide it, it is a part of who I am. The way I look at it, as long as it isn't taking over my life I think I'm okay. It's just an addiction just like tv is for some people or like coffee is for others, y'know?

And thank you, for the yes.

Re: Stange!


13 years ago

Re: Stange!


13 years ago

Re: Stange!


13 years ago

You seem sex-obsessed.

And the second picture reminds me of my ex-boyfriend --;;.

But I loved your application anyhow. You seem strange enough for me.

Yes. <3<3
Ha! Sex obsessed! Never gotten that one. How do you get that conclusion? ;)

Your ex-boyfriend? Eh, I know it's not very flattering picture for me, but I had to show you guys I'm not joking about the one-eye thing.


13 years ago

I like you. Dunno why. I liked the grapefruit answer, and your "make us laugh" picture.
i actually have nothing to say, but the computor told me i had to write something in the message box.

lol i did the same thing and we even made the question... its not if you were a grapefruit... its if you were given a grapefruit... lol

Wow, I am an idiot! I didn't even notice the "given" part. I thought it was a strange question but I figured since it was a strange community, it was right. Haha.
all yes's YAY you get our crappy stamp i made when i had no time lol.

vote and promote yo.