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Thing one and thing two. Which are you?

Name: Madison Whitney Wood is my full name but you may call me Maddie or Mistress Madison:-)
How old are you: 15 years of age but on October 17th I shall be 16
Gender: Female
Where the hell are you from: Brooklyn, New York
Other than being strange describe yourself: Appearance wise I'm REALLY tall around 5'11, I LOVE photography and Music! At this time I've been taking black and white photography classes at School of the visual arts I hope to enter the art feild when I graduate high school.
What do you think other people think about you (be honest) : It depends on the person. I've been compared to Daria, I've been called crazy, insane, strange, interesting, and a scary bitch. I guess I've got a personality that many like due to my friendly side when I first meet people. And I tend to be funny and cynical.
Where did you find us?: I saw that my friend and fellow member ohfiddlestix belongs
Give us an intrest to put in the info if you are accepted: Photography!

Color: Black
Band/singer: This is a hard one but lately I've been drawn to Marilyn Manson. I've been reading his auto-biography and just found him to be so interesting and intelligent not to mention he's very talented and a sexy mistah mistah if I say so myself.
Movie: Hmm I'm not much of a movie person but I've loved the Wizard of Oz ever since I was a child. I love the munchkins they would make such interesting friends don't you think?
person in the whole world (explain cause chances are we dont know them): I don't have a favorite person in the whole world but one of my favorite people would be my friend Chrissy. She's so interesting and crazy and just such a guy! She's herself and won't change for anyone not to mention she's probably one of the nicest people you would meet. She does anything she can for people and has been there for me through thick and thin. I just love her to death ::sigh::
This is the friendpal!

~THE (hopefully) ODD ~
What makes you strange: First of all I have a monster. Yes a monster, my monster happens to be my hands. They are crazy little devils that crawl all over the place, fight people, bother people, and tend to make odd noises ::megan knows what I'm talking about:: I like to sing in public, dance, talk to random strangers and just be myself. I tend to say weird things here and there that just leave people going "huh" I call people "guyyyyy" no matter what sex they are and I make hissing, meowing, and other random noises. There are just alot of strange qualities about me.
There is the monster!

Tell us a funny story: YES I have one that just happened today! I was sitting in the 2nd street cafe with some friendspals of mine just talking and sipping on some hot coco. And well my friend was talking about when she used to live in Antartica which in fact is false but she was trying to make someone believe it. She was talking about igloo and then said the word "asshole" as she does that one of the waiters passes by and farts very close to her face just as she says that. He then replys to the fact that he farted by saying "oh sorry" and walks inside. I have to say it was one of the funniest things EVER!
How do you like your jello: Jiggly, red, and COLD:-)
Tell us what your pet rocks name is (if you dont have one then tell us the name of your other pet *you rock hater*): My dog's name is Rupert but we gave him nicknames like Ruppie, poopy, and pooper. Yes he replys to all of those names. I wish I had a pet rock because I would name him Mr. Butternut....::sigh::
Make us laugh yo:
Mistah pig says "ello"

If you had to spend a week in alaska what would be the first thing you would do: I would build an igloo and then go ice fisihing.
If you were told you were way to normal what would you do: I guess I would be a bit insulted. I consider normal to be boring and something I just don't want to be. It reminds me of the square boring libraian types that are so normal that their personalities are bland and just BLAH!
If you were given a grapefruit.... :p what would you do: I would drill a hole through it run around to people and look at then through the hole and then call them "grapefruit heads!"
...given a million bucks homie: I would probably end up spending alot of money on Photography stuff, clothes, music, books, and so on.

what ever you wanna say ..: I could really go for a nice cup of vanilla hazlenut cafe ole!


It's an actual doll called an Ugly doll!

Yes that is a stingray in my arms

Alright this is me. They aren't the best pictures but all of them I like alot:-)

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