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Pretty little policemen in a row

Name: Ari
How old are you: 19.75932
Gender: Female
Where the hell are you from: New York Fucking City, next question?
Other than being strange describe yourself: I'm a quirky honors student addicted to crossword puzzles, Donny Darko, law, Subway, and sleep.
What do you think other people think about you (be honest): I'm pretty sure most people like me, because I'm friendly, funny, and very open. Those who don't can drop dead for all I care, since I don't generally take it to heart if someone doesn't like me. I'm a good and respectful person, confident in myself, happy with who I am, and if you have a problem with that, drop dead you insignificant, shallow poser.
Where did you find us? A link in just_be_real.
Give us an interest to put in the info if you are accepted: CHIA PETS!! XD

Color: Blue-green (or as I call it among select friends, the "special purple")
Band/singer: They Might Be Giants and Richard Cheese ^___________^
Movie: Donnie Darko, and anything starring Johnny Depp. *drool*
Person in the whole world (explain cause chances are we dont know them): My internship supervisor, Judge Morgenstern. Ever since I became interested in law, she's been my idol and mentor, and I hope to follow in her footsteps and become a judge myself one day. =)

~THE (hopefully) ODD ~
What makes you strange: I am the eggman, sitting on a cornflake.
Tell us a funny story: I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art once, and my friend Sam and I randomly started belting out "They're Coming to Take Me Away" by Dr. Demento in the middle of the Egyptian exhibit... We didn't plan it, which made it even funnier.
How do you like your jello: I like making jello in layers of different colors (or even swirlies if I can pull it off)... If I can find at least four different colors, I get a really big bowl and jellify each layer at a time till I have a nice and pretty wobbly thing I can cut into weird shapes and eat with a straw.
Tell us what your pet rocks name is (if you dont have one then tell us the name of your other pet *you rock hater*): *indignant look* It's NOT a rock, it's a petrified testicle. And his name is Cletus.
Make us laugh yo: QUICK! SEX! LOTS OF IT!

Oh give me a clone
Of my own flesh and bone
With a Y chromosome changed to X
And when it is grown
My very own clone
Will be of the opposite sex

Clone, clone of my own
With a Y chromosome changed to X
And since she is my clone
Her mind is my own
And we'll both think of nothing but sex

And a few of my favorite one liners:

AIM is like a bad lover...always gets off too early.
Save the trees, wipe your ass with an owl.
This is your conscience. Don't do drugs. Don't steal. Don't hurt or kill people. And never, ever, stab a giraffe in the neck with a spoon.
Whee! these rubber gloves are fun to play with! *snap* ^^ ~ow~ *snap* ^^ ~ow~ ... *snap* ^^ ... ~ow~
Girls today fuckin piss me off! So do guys...damn!! I've come to a conclusion...I'm moving to New Zealand and marrying a goat.

If you had to spend a week in alaska what would be the first thing you would do: Find the local small newspapers/tabloids/gossip whores and learn about the things you don't hear otherwise, then ask the locals for funny stories.
If you were told you were way too normal what would you do: I'd carry an egg around with me for the next week or so and paint a smiley face on it, maybe introduce it to my friends... To this date however, I've never been called such a filthy word, and my friends know not to use it around me or I chastise them *turns on air conditioner because it's too damn hot in here* for not seeing the joy in abnormalcy.
If you were given a grapefruit.... :p what would you do: See how long I could walk around with it balanced on my head, and once again, the smiley face thing...I like to identify with my food and condiments.
...given a million bucks homie: Stick half of it in a bank account so it'll collect interest while I think about what to do with it, mete a quarter of it out to friends and family who need funds, and use the rest to buy a tarantula, football season tickets, and a new mattress for my bed, because the one I've got now is fucking older than I am. If there's any left over, I'll donate to various places of my choosing. (I know that answer wasn't odd, but money isn't a very funny thing unless you make a papier mache animal out of it...)

what ever you wanna say... You know, you can really come up with stranger questions to ask on this application... Quite honestly I found this kind of boring compared to the application in just_be_real. Maybe you can all suggest a random question in a new thread and the mods can create a new app form to use. See me for further details. Otherwise, I'd just like to say that calling the President a dickhead is completely constitutional, hoorah for lesbian pastors in Greenwich Village, and New York is the best fucking place in the whole god damned world. Oh yeah, and I look forward to meeting y'all and your warped mentalities (and possible imaginary friends).

post atleast ONE picture of YOU. you can post more of you doing strange odd things.


Okay fine, that's not really me. Here ya go:

Enjoy, and feel free to engage me in random conversation anytime.
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