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♥ Application ♥

Name: Kristin... but my friends call me Krissy or Kristi-poo because lame nicknames are all the rage in Europe.
How old are you: Fifteen
Gender: Female
Where the hell are you from: Exactly! Hell! But around here we call it Centreville, VA.
Other than being strange describe yourself: I'm probably the most over analytical, OCD, little girl you've ever met.
What do you think other people think about you (be honest): They think I'm rad as all hell. Well, no. They think I'm a flaming bitch. But watta ya gonna do?
Where did you find us? justwonder told me to apply. Go give her hugs and kisses for pimping you guys!
Give us an interest to put in the info if you are accepted: I don't know about you but I'm interested in "being so cool it burns".

Color: Barbie pink. I don't like wearing it, it's just hott to look at.
Band/singer: Death Cab, Co & Ca, the Used, Emery, and Atreyu.
Movie: Snatch, Fight Club, Death to Smoochy, Cheats, American History X, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and Amelie.
person in the whole world (explain cause chances are we dont know them): I love my baby sister cause she's adorable and she gives cute little baby hugs.

~THE (hopefully) ODD~
What makes you strange: My day-to-day fantasies of being in the Mafia.
Tell us a funny story: My friend and I sold a bag of oregano for $30 cause the poor guy thought it was weed.
How do you like your jello: Green! Well actually I like strawberry jello. But, alas, today I like it green.
Tell us what your pet rocks name is (if you dont have one then tell us the name of your other pet *you rock hater*): No, I was poor as a little girl and I had a pet stick. Named "sticky".
Make us laugh yo:

If you had to spend a week in alaska what would be the first thing you would do: Find the warmest darkest place there and claim it as my bed. And then I'd explore like on the Discovery Channel.
If you were told you were way too normal what would you do: I'd take out my handy dandy notebook and give them a clue cause they're obviously lacking.
If you were given a grapefruit.... :p what would you do: Give it to my dad cause I hate grapefruit.
...given a million bucks homie: I wouldn't tell anyone about it so I'd still be treated the same, just madly rich.

what ever you wanna say .. Thanks for reading everything I had to say and thanks for not asking me what I think of gay marriage and abortion. I'm kind of getting tired of answering that.

post atleast ONE picture of YOU. you can post more of you doing strange odd things.

P.S- I'm going out of town today until August 20th and I'm not sure how active I'll be. I'll try to check up when I can. Whether I get accepted or not, thanks.

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