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Went out to Walmart with Christa today.

This is me waiting for my mom to pull out of the garage with the car so I could get in. Our garage is full of junk and my mom can't park.

I am Lord of the freckles! >_< Yuck.

Christa and I are just such sweet little angels!

-Note: Do not molest the angels please.- Drew... -_-

I'm a camera whore. >_<

This makes me die.

Christa's MY RETARD.

Us being cute. ^-^;;

I am the PUPPIES WARRIOR! All shall tremble before my might! RAWR!

Because it's so Gawthique to make out with creepy plastic rats.

I's not as near as Gawthique as my plastic skull goblet.

Rat nipple-play is also very Gawthique.

Christa got these stupid sunglasses.

So we put them on and eskimo-kissed.

The End.


Yet again another rating community, this one is a picture ratting comunity. You get rated on your looks, brains and your ability to snap a good photo.
Getting in right now should be really easy, there's no application, and the first 5 are insta-approved [in most cases]. As soon as I get enough people there will be bi-weekly themes as well. See the info for more details.
Hope to see you there!!

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