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loads of pie.

The strangest pretties
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This is a place for the strange. who just might happen to be pretty. After you are accepted you can post whatever you would like poem pics stories you wrote something strange that happened that day.
First 10 automatically accepted


New Freaks
1) post your application within 2 days of joining.
2) Be honest.
3)Fill out application in full.
4) when asked how you like your jello answer green
5) After 2 days you will either be accepted or rejected.
6) Don't throw a hissy fit. I hate that its annoying
7) No age limit but please don't be immature!
8) If you are rejected you may not reapply.
9) please bold either your questions or answers
10) If you promote and put the link on your application the Mods will love you forever(and you will have a better chance with them)

Accepted Losers
1) so you rock... ok just dont be all that and think you are better than applicants. Be fair be nice but do be honest.
2) If you don't vote on new applicants then oh well fuck you.
3) You can post whatever the hell you want to. Just no nude pictures as always. If you have something long or you have big pictures please lj cut?? thanks
4) When voting either but Strange (for a yes) Normal (for a no) in the subject line. If you dont feel like posting it like then atleast put it in bold in your comment. Please give reason for your vote
5) if you start being a bitch.. BYEBYE
6) you can promote other communities but if you do i dont want just here go here. I want a good reason to why we should join.</font>

♥ Application ♥
How old are you:
Where the hell are you from:
Other than being strange describe yourself:
What do you think other people think about you (be honest) :
Where did you find us?
Give us an intrest to put in the info if you are accepted:

person in the whole world (explain cause chances are we dont know them):

~THE (hopefully) ODD ~
What makes you strange:
Tell us a funny story:
How do you like your jello:
Tell us what your pet rocks name is (if you dont have one then tell us the name of your other pet *you rock hater*):
Make us laugh yo:
If you had to spend a week in alaska what would be the first thing you would do:
If you were told you were way to normal what would you do:
If you were given a grapefruit.... :p what would you do:
...given a million bucks homie:

what ever you wanna say ..
post atleast ONE picture of YOU. you can post more of you doing strange odd things.
***** if you dont have a picture of youself... then make your app very good! LIKE SUPER BITCHIN*****
After your application you should be stamped with either


luvjellonow Jessica (app)
im_almost_gone Gwen (app)

addinfected Anna (app)
justwonder Lori (app)
mytractorssexy Jessica (app)
citizenfrankJennie/JenKnee (app)
dragonrider7 Kat (app)
mz_behaving Audrey (app)
seventyxseven05 Kayla (app)
chi_lai (app)
roadkillpuppies Gracie (app)
entertainus Tori (app)
ohfiddlestix Meg the Great (app)
fucklovingyou Alix ( app)
novelfate Danielle(app)
dozendeadroses Paige (app)
suffer__me Nev (app)
moonlightwaltz Kryss (app)
striped_stars Laura (app)

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